Growing up, I witnessed the challenges faced by African nations, and I couldn’t remain indifferent. While I was fortunate to attend school, I realized that countless children in underdeveloped countries lacked this opportunity. My experiences during visits to Africa, where kids and parents sought educational support, ignited a passion within me to make a meaningful impact. After numerous observations, I realized on a small scale that I could make a difference by contributing an impact in education, environment and health through D2BD.


Empowering Communities: The D2BD Approach to Grassroots Change in Liberia

Our Approach:

Recognizing the power of direct engagement, I embarked on a mission to create change on a small scale. The heart of D2BD lies in establishing connections with people on the ground. Through firsthand experiences and connections, we humbly contribute to education, the environment, health, and believing that change begins at the grassroots level.

Our Liberian Odyssey:

In 2018, I returned to Liberia, a place that holds a special place in my heart. There, I had a profound encounter that reshaped my path. During this visit, I introduced D2BD to a community eager for change. Our focus was clear: to provide education to children who had been denied this opportunity. Initially, the number of children was limited, but due to an increasing demand from parents to enroll their children in the education system, D2BD was being forced to seek other forms of sponsorship. Additionally, we joined forces with women to create handmade items, the proceeds of which funded education and family support.

The Emergence of D2BD in Liberia:

What began as a modest endeavor quickly gained momentum. The demand for education surged, and we sought additional sponsorship avenues. My municipality Alken, Belgium, answered the call, enabling us to expand our reach. Our unique approach involved directly funding schools and educational institutions, ensuring that underprivileged children could access education.


Three Compelling Reasons:

1. Strategic Kick-Off:

Liberia was the perfect starting point for our project. With all the essential elements – fees, schools and students – conveniently located, we hit the ground running.

2. Resilience Symbol:

Liberia’s history, marred by civil wars and challenges, showcases its resilience. By succeeding here, we demonstrate that our model can thrive even amidst adversity. This success paves the way for us to replicate our efforts in other regions. Thriving in Liberia with our program is setting the stage for future expansion.

3. A Natural Beginning:

Just as every journey starts with a single step, our project found its roots in Liberia. By addressing the urgent needs of the community where D2BD originated, we honor our beginnings while paving the way for growth.


D2BD’s commitment to Liberia is rooted in our belief that change is possible, even in the face of daunting obstacles. Through D2BD, we’re not just transforming lives; we’re fostering a cycle of positive impact. With every child educated, every family supported, and every connection made, we inch closer to a brighter future. Join us in our journey of compassion to empower, inspire change, and uplift one community at a time.